Friday, August 17, 2012

Tanjung Bumi's Batik from Bangkalan Madura

By:Taufiqurrahman, Secretary Officers of East Java House of Assembly

The wifes of Tanjung Bumians are woman on worry. Their husband left them on dangerous and risky duty, sailing for - not very much - fishs or shrimps.Yes, this is unavoidable situation for the wifes of Tanjung Bumi village, about 45 km from Bangkalan. Most of them male are sailing  for living. So, the wifes are people of longing and missing, waiting their husband come back from such uneasy job.

Despite the situation, the wifes kill their time making batik (the traditional fabric drawing). And their batik is striking since it has been wellknown around the globe. The speciality of their batik is the motif, its describe their daily life such as birds, leaves, and around-the-beach activities.

No doubt, the-killing-time activitiy has became local industry. Muharto, local government officers from Department of Industry and Trades said, there were 658 units of home industry spreading in 3 villages;Telaga Biru,Paseseh and Tanjung Bumi. It was a new economy driver since it has absorbed 1121 employees.

Tanjung Bumi's batik has become inter-island commodity. Some of the products have been exported for international market demands, eventhough haven't been organized yet. So in order to increase it's exposures to customers, Tanjung Bumi's batik actively join exhibition in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Jakarta).

They price is vary. The range is between 200.000 - 1.5 million rupiahs depends on the quality i.e. raw material, colour and motif. Since Tanjung Bumi's batik is hand made product, its have intricates motif and need some time until it ready to be sold. According to Muharto, some batik's motif, such as gentongan motif made with natural colours takes several months until its done. Of course, the price is around a millions rupiahs. In a years one home industry produces more than 1000 sheets of batik.

There are 12 types of Tanjung Bumi's batik motifes, some of them are Sibasi, Palopa, Gentongan and Sekarjagat besides of contemporer sytle such as Gong 2000, milenium and fireworks.

In the last 10 years, Tanjung Bumi's batik production has increased in production as well as the quality. No surprise, some of the pioneers in the production of Tanjung Bumi's batik awarded Upakarti (award for highest achievement in culture,art, agriculture etc) from The President of Indonesia in 1992.


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